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Bryan Washington’s ‘Memorial’

Following his International Dylan Thomas Prize-winning short-story collection, Lot (2019), Bryan Washington’s debut novel, Memorial, is what he calls “a gay slacker dramedy”. With exquisite attention to the ever-shifting spaces between people, Washington deftly renders both grief  and moments of quotidian joy, often in shared meals.  what

Benson and Mike have been together for four years, sharing an apartment in Houston. Without the blueprints available to their straight friends, they aren’t quite sure what the future holds for their relationship. The two fight a lot, invariably followed by make-up sex, but neither the fights nor the sex gets them any clearer on what it is they want or where the relationship is going. “What conversations do you have when you feel like there’s nothing you want to say?” Mike wonders. Washington has described Memorial as “a lowercase love story”, “in that its focal points are the quieter moments inhabiting each  character’s negotiations of one another”…

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