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Hearts, Minds and Emojis

The fact that we now meet, flirt, talk and maintain our relationships via text is making the course of true love even more of a roller-coaster ride.

The first Valentine’s Day after my divorce, I received not one but three bouquets from the gentleman I was seeing at the time. Lest you picture me arranging cut stems in vases, my suitor – a chap well into his forties – had decided that nothing says I love/like/high-five you like emoji flowers. The blooms did not, alas, elicit quite the same blush in the recipient as the three-dimensional variety. As the “face with one eyebrow raised” emoji had yet to be released, and the eye roll seemed too snarky, I had to resort to using my words: “Thanks,” I texted. “How very modern.”

When I had last been single, in New York in the late 1990s, I had just received my first mobile phone – a Motorola StarTAC, from which one couldn’t even send alphanumeric text messages. Today, the average young adult spends three times longer texting than talking, and the dance of seduction occurs predominantly through the thumbs…

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